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co/star is a collaborative influencer content marketing solution that’s focused on delivering one thing: great branded content from great creators, distributed on the platforms your consumers depend upon each and every day. When you work with co/star, you get access to the full universe of influencers and creators, world class creative stewardship, and a killer analytics platform that gives a full window into campaign performance.

Why settle for “reach” as a deciding factor? Quality is as, if not more important than quantity. co/star has exclusively partnered with Marketing Evaluations, Inc. - the Q Scores Company - to bring brands influencers’ likability ratings to the forefront. Know who people like, not just who they "follow".

A company built by Deep Focus, Engine Group, and entrepreneur Kevin Jonas, we are all about quality branded content delivered at scale.

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Nothing matters more than success. Which is why we measure everything through our proprietary analytics platform -  allowing us to see what works, what doesn’t, and where – including Snapchat.


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